1.century home restoration We have specialized in century home restoration and redevelopment for over 20 years. Bringing the old back to life is something we do best at Brooklyn Alexander Design. Extensive knowledge of century homes and the Heritage Property rules and regulations that are tied to them, is crucial when choosing to purchase and …

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Our design team will arrange an initial consultation with our potential client, and develop a plan outlining the client’s design needs and vision. We will create a plan and portfolio to capture that vision, and bring it to fruition. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel, a custom build, or exterior landscape project, we will ensure that …

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Consulting Mentoring

Some of our clients prefer to take a hands-on approach, and wish to hire contractors directly. We can offer the additional guidance of overseeing their project, and ensuring that the contractors they have chosen to perform the work, do so in a professional manner. We ensure that all contractors perform their services in strict adherence …

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