1.century home restoration

We have specialized in century home restoration and redevelopment for over 20 years. Bringing the old back to life is something we do best at Brooklyn Alexander Design. Extensive knowledge of century homes and the Heritage Property rules and regulations that are tied to them, is crucial when choosing to purchase and redevelop an older home. 

A qualified contractor with this specialized knowledge is essential when renovating a century home. A wrong design decision, or lapse in construction planning and execution, can be detrimental to the project leading to unexpected and exorbitant costs in fines by local municipalities and provincial heritage authorities.  Additionally, a flawed design can unfortunately  compromise the structural integrity of the existing structure. Our team will have the knowledge and expertise to rejuvenate the property, while preserving the century home ambiance.

At Brooklyn  Alexander Design, we  have created a  roadmap that will  ensure your project  follows the proper  path. The costs to  properly plan are far  less than the costs  incurred by not  planning.  We will  meet with you to  discuss and review  your project wishes.  We will survey your  existing space, and  investigate the  potential constraints.  With approvals in hand, and a crew prescheduled for your project, we will undertake the execution of your initial vison. 

2. Custom Home Construction

From the initial consult through to the design process, and up to the final inspection of  the home, Brooklyn Alexander Design will guarantee a client’s  dreams become a reality. The client is left with a residential masterpiece, filling   them with awe and excitement for many years to come. 

2.1. Home Renovation

While kitchen, bathroom and basement renovations may appear to be a less sophisticated endeavour to the experienced contractor, these projects can manifest themselves into future headaches for a client if they are not executed correctly. With so many contractors in the market today, it becomes even more  imperative that the right candidate is selected for the job.

In today’s world, unfortunately, too many clients base their contractor selection decision solely on the factor of price. The saying “ if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”couldn’t resonate more than in the residential construction industry. In today’s world, unfortunately, too many clients base their contractor selection decision solely on the factor of price.

The saying “ if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” 

Richard Carlson

couldn’t resonate more than in the residential construction industry. At Brooklyn Alexander Design, we make every effort to educate our clients by empowering them with the knowledge to properly select a contractor, and to emphasize the value in hiring a professional.  While a prospective contractor may not come in at the lowest price from the outset, it is a proven fact that in the long run, they would be the most competitive based on the value-added services they are providing. We keep our prices competitive in a  very competitive “home renovation” market while not compromising on quality of workmanship and materials. Our team will ensure that a client’s project is completed in a manner that they are fully satisfied, on time, and at a competitive price.

3. Exterior Landscape and Swimming Pool Construction

In collaboration with our affiliate partners we will transform a client’s backyard into an oasis, and create the ultimate get away without ever really having to “get away”. Brooklyn Alexander Design has worked on a number of various outdoor landscape design projects to create outdoor masterpieces for our clients.

From our early beginnings in construction excavation and site development, we have positioned ourselves at the forefront of exterior landscape construction, and continue to offer value-added services to our clients and their needs.

4.Commercial Retail and Office

When entering into a commercial project, it is imperative that the contractor is up to  date with building codes and practices. Our design team has the skill and knowledge to create a professional commercial space, inviting your latest venture to blossom and prosper. Whether you’re in need of a retail store build or a new office in a shopping mall or office building, we are experienced in a variety of commercial construction scenarios, and guarantee results to meet the client’s highest expectations.