Consulting and Project Management

Capital Gains Investment Management

1. Initial Purchase and Development

We provide step by step guidance and mentoring for clients looking to invest in Capital Gains Projects (rental properties & quick buy→reno→sell for profit).

Depending on the client’s needs, we can utilize our years of experience in the Residential Capital Gains investment field. We can assist them with anything from searching for the potential rental/flip property that suits the client’s needs best, to the Design and Construction process of restoring it. Finally, we will help elevate and assist our clients, and their new investment through the process of renting the property to achieve maximum rental potential. Clients who prefer to quickly turn the investment for a quick profit, will be provided with professional construction cleaning services and staging services to get the completed project ready to be placed on the Market. No matter what level of assistance is required by the client, we can create a custom plan to accommodate the level of assistance needed with a price plan that is adjusted accordingly.

2. Rental Investment Maintenance and Monitoring

The real estate market is, and will continue to be a great investment platform for many Canadians. If executed correctly, the real estate market can realize great returns. The downside is that many Canadians have been extremely skeptical about investing in rental properties for the simple reason that they didn’t want to be bothered by the late night phone calls from tenants  every time something breaks down or goes wrong with their properties. Many investors do not want to be subject to high fees charged by firms to manage their properties, only to break even, or incur a loss at the end of the year. At Brooklyn Alexander Designs, we’ve taken these worries out of the equation. We have created a fundamentally sound plan to address the issues many investors try to avoid which can lead to missing out on  the positive future gains a rental property could bring.


We draft a maintenance plan for our clients that is customized to their needs, and in so doing provide them with the peace of mind that their rental property is in good hands. Clients can choose one or all of the following services for a nominal fee, with no long term contract commitments, and they can cancel at any time:

  • renting of the property (single family or multi-unit) to qualified tenants for maximum rental dollars
  • ensuring that all rent is paid on time, and in the client’s possession either through post-dated cheques or e-transfers
  • 24 hour on-call monitoring of the property, and reliable response times to  address tenant maintenance issues; tenants will be provided with our emergency number, and will deal with us directly to remedy their concerns
  • property upgrades and renovations between tenant move-in’s to maximize rental potential
  • rental property consultation, where clients get answers to their questions quickly